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The Story Behind Our Wolf Logo

Our beautiful wolf logo comes all the way from Slovakia (Eastern Europe) and was designed by an artist named Slavo Kiss.

It all began when parent Tim Rumril, was searching the Internet for wolf images to be printed and handed out as "spoke cards" for our students' bikes. When Principal Judy Goodwin saw the card she loved the simple, yet smart and noble expression of the wolf and thought it would be the perfect image to represent our school mascot.

It took some effort, but we finally were able to get in contact with Slavo and ask if he would allow us to use his wolf design as our logo. Not only did he graciously give his permission, he made some alterations and added our school name to really complete the look.

As an added bonus, Slavo was kind enough to answer questions from a few students about his passion for art and design that we thought we would share with you. We can’t thank him enough for his generosity.

Where do you live and what is it like there?

I live in Slovakia, small country in the heart of Europe. Our little town with population of around 10 000 inhabitants lies in valley surrounded by beautiful deep forests. I love nature, which is an inspiration for me, so I really like it here. It's my home.

How did you decide to become an artist?

Well, I am captivated by beauty. I loved all kinds of art since I remember. Painting, sculpting, music, movie....etc. I was always and still am fascinated by animated movies as well - especially from Disney and other great studios. The interesting or funny thing is that when watching I focus on the visual part of the movie rather than story so much, that I usually don't remember what was movie about, but if you asked me I would draw the main characters of the movie straight away.

I am trying to say that I didn't decide to become an artist, I am an artist. I will always see the world through the eyes of an artist whatever I'll do, whatever job. People are being born with this gift and it is up to them whether they will develop this uniqueness.

Do you create mostly logos? Why?

My other great passion is sport. Especially ice hockey, football, lacrosse ....I used to play ice hockey for local team when I was younger, and maybe somewhere there it begun, when I noticed beautiful crests and logos on hockey jerseys of professional NHL teams. I started searching for logos of other teams, other leagues, other sports and I eventually started to create my own logos and jerseys for my own fictional teams, tons of them...I started to post them on online forums, I read comments and critics from people and that way I learnt lot of things about design in general and I actually still learn. I need to know what do people out there think about my work.

I just love it. It is fun. Now I'm creating mainly sport logos, logos for real teams, clubs and schools and that fulfills me and makes me happy...

I'm so excited when I see new beautiful logo or even older one which I've never seen before. I'm passionate about it.

What advice would you give to a young person who wants to be an artist?

Let your tutor guide you... and you listen, learn and practice...and practice a lot! Be yourself and try to leave your mark! Give your imagination wings and let her fly.

And when you'll be happy about what you're doing, when you'll feel that that's what you want to do in your life, then you'll know that that's the right direction, that you are on the right way...

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