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Visiting the School

All visitors to the campus during the instructional day must sign in at the office and receive a visitor’s badge. Family members should not go directly to a classroom. They will be asked to return to the office for a Visitor’s Badge.


Attendance and Student Behavior


Good attendance is very important to your child's education! If your child is to get the complete benefit of the teacher's expertise, he or she must be in class. State law requires prompt and regular attendance. If your student is absent or tardy, the state law requires that we obtain an excuse from you.

If your child is going to be tardy or absent, please call the school office at 510-748-4007 and leave a message on the school voicemail.

You may call at any time of the day or night to leave a message. A phone call is the best way to help us know that your child is home. If you have called, a written note is not necessary. If it is necessary to have your child out of school for several days, please notify the school three to five days before the first day of absence. Under the State of California Education Code your child may complete his/her class work if the teacher gives you the assignment. Phone the school office for more information.


Arriving to School Late

Students who arrive to school after the start of opening ceremony are considered tardy.  Students who are 30 minutes late without a valid excuse three or more times are considered truant. Students who regularly arrive late to school may be referred to the School Attendance Review Board (SARB). 


Late (Tardy) Procedure

Students who arrive to school after the start of opening ceremony must report to the School Office to get a pass before going to class. A note or telephone call is required from a parent or guardian every time a student is tardy to school. If your child has visited the doctor or dentist, please bring a note from their office so your child can be excused.


Leaving School Early

Whenever students must leave school early, whether or not they will return to school that day, they should bring a note regarding the early dismissal to the School Office before school starts. The note must be signed by the parent and indicate the time the student is to be dismissed, the reason for the early dismissal, and the name of the person who will be picking the student up from the office. That person must be the parent or one of the adult designees on the student’s emergency contacts list. At the early dismissal time, the adult must come to the office and sign the student out. 

Note: Students leaving school early 30 minutes or more without a valid excuse will be marked unexcused absent which counts towards truancy. If your child has visited the doctor or dentist, please bring a note from their office so your child can be excused.


Contracted Study/Short Term Independent Study

(For students who will be gone between five to fifteen days consecutively) 

An option for students who have to miss school for unavoidable reasons and will be absent for at least five (5) and up to fifteen (15) consecutive days. This is typically due to emergency, funeral, religious purposes, student safety issues, family vacation, etc. 

To be eligible, a student’s parent/guardian must apply for Short Term Independent Study at the School Office at least five days before the student absence begins. A student must be in good standing in order for the contract to be awarded. 

If the contract is granted, the school will collect work for your student to complete during your time away. All contract work MUST be submitted the day your student is expected to return to school. Late work will be considered invalid.


Bicycles, Skateboards, etc.

Skateboards, scooters, and roller blades can be used as transportation to school but must not be used on the school yard.  Students must wear a helmet when riding a bike to school – it is the state law and a student can be cited for riding without a helmet. There are racks on the playground for bicycles. The bicycle should have a lock. Maya Lin is not responsible for anything that might happen to a bicycle while on the school grounds. Bicycle, scooter, or skateboard riding is not permitted on the school campus. Students not following the above rules will need to leave these items in the school office until the end of the day. Parents will be notified.


Cell Phones, Electronic Devices, and Toys

Students are not to bring electronic devices to school.  Toys, game cards, and any other items that are not specifically used as part of classroom instruction are not permitted on the school campus.

Students may carry cell phones, but they must be turned off and put away during the entire school day. If you need to communicate a message to your child during the school day, you may contact the office and we will relay the information to your child.


Classroom Interruptions

At Maya Lin School we value time-on-task. Therefore, we try to minimize classroom interruptions. If you need to bring something to your child or leave them a message, please contact the office before lunch time and your call will be forwarded to the teacher’s voice mail so the entire class will not be disrupted. The student will be notified by the teacher or the office.


For a full review of attendance policies, please visit the AUSD website or click here.