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Carrie Berg

Email: Carrie Berg

Office Staff

Office Manager

Noel Wiley

Phone: 510-748-4007  

Email:  Noel Wiley


Attendance/Health Office Assistant

Andrelee Patolot

Phone: 510-748-4007  

Email: Andrelee Patolot

Teacher and Staff Directory

Contact Main Office: 510-748-4007

Kindergarten/1st Grade Team

2nd/3rd Grade Team

4th/5th Grade Team

Maya Gordon (K)

Sharon Jackson (2)

Sarah Greenberg (4)

Emily Roberts (K)

Brook Sussman (2)

Janet McNamee (4)

Rebecca Schaye (K)

Tara Yudenfreund (2)

Mary Otieku (4)

Clarity Countryman (1)

Assia Day (3)

Barry Gerharz (4/5)

Terry Eichel (1)

Gabrielle Hoffman-Ellis (3)

Andrea Beck (5)

Patricia Sanchez (1)

Cindy Mills (3)

Michael Kelley (5)



Special Education

Support Staff

Support Staff

Cory Spells

Constance Moore, Art

Mia Callahan, Psychology

Aiyana Beck

Rick Ehrgott, Music

Anne Levy, Intervention

Lise Aftergut

Lynn Kinsey, Library/Media Center

Danielle Chapey, Speech & Language

Tiffany Rice

Marianna Dilworth, Library/Media Center

Margaret Chinn, Occupational Therapy

  Kevin Slauson, PE