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Breakfast and Lunch

IMPORTANT: Applications for free and reduced meals will be sent home on the first day of school.

Families who received free or reduced meals last year will continue at that level. Be sure to file a new application each school year before the end of September.

Meal Cost
Meal Time Price (if not free) Reduced

7:50 am-

8:10 am

$1.50 $0.30

11:55 am-

12:40 am

$2.70 $0.40
  • Menus change each month. They are posted outside the school office and online at for the month. You can also prepay for lunch/breakfast credits online or through our food service staff in the cafeteria.
  • If you send food from home, label all lunch boxes and bags with your child’s name and room number.
  • If your child forgets a lunch, you can deliver it to the school office and they will pick it up during their lunch period.
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