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Curriculum Resources

Studio Habits of Mind (SHOM)

Students use these habits as they develop understanding and create art.  Look at the habits more closely here.

Stdio habits of mind poster

Eureka Math

Visit to find parent tips, digital copies of problem sets and homework, problem solutions, and extra tools to support your student in their math understanding.

Educator Duane Habecker has created demo lessons for every Eureka Math lesson for grades 1-5.  Parents and students can review or preview lessons by finding the video for their grade, module, and lesson here.  They are also linked under each lesson on!

Toolbox (Social-Emotional Learning)

Students use these social and emotional tools school-wide to learn problem-solving, interacting with respect, resilience, and other important life skills. Download a PDF tools of social emotional learning (PDF), and visit for more resources.  Also, find some ideas of how to integrate Toolbox into your discussions at home here.

The 12 tools for learning and lifee